Harmony Gold Bursaries 2023- 2024

As one of the third largest gold producing mines within South Africa, Harmony Gold is also known as one of the largest gold mining groups in the world.  Their contributions and growth have been exceptional during their 60 plus years of mining.  There are mainly two countries hosting Harmony Gold mines, these are South Africa and Papua New Guinea.  The South African operations consist of only 1 open-cast mine, several surface operations as well as 10 underground mines.  Harmony Gold has established their head office in Randfontein, South Africa.

Harmony Gold provides employment for a great many South Africans as well as opportunities to develop skills and talents.  They believe in delivering value and aiding talented candidates to reach their dreams.  The harmony Gold bursary program is there to provide opportunities for selected students to complete studies at Institutes of Higher Learning.  Their bursaries are made available to candidates just starting their studies at the accredited institutes as well as candidates who are already studying in one of their fields available.

Harmony Gold bursaries include the following for successful candidates who are awarded a bursary:

  • Full tuition fees
  • Full accommodation fees
  • Fees for the required / prescribed books
  • A personal allowance will also be given to candidates

Harmony Gold seeks candidates with vision, motivation and a drive to flourish.  Their bursaries will aid in providing these candidates with the knowledge, skills plus qualifications needed to succeed.

Harmony Gold Bursaries Available

Candidates can have a look at the following fields of study when applying for a bursary with Harmony Gold:

Harmony Gold Bursary Program Requirements

Candidates interested in applying for a bursary with Harmony Gold will also need the following documentation:

  • Students must be a South African citizen.
  • Applicants must have a valid ID book or card.
  • Students must supply full academic records.
  • You must provide proof of financial aid requirements.
  • Students must be registered for study at an institute of higher learning for the following year.
  • Candidates who apply for Geology or Science Degrees must have a minimum of a Level 5 for Science as well as Mathematics, Mathematics Literacy is not acceptable.
  • Students who apply for Engineering must have a minimum of a Level 6 for Science as well as Mathematics, Mathematics Literacy is not acceptable.

Candidates from a disadvantaged background will receive preference when applying.

Harmony gold bursary application form 2018

For the online bursary  application please feel free to visit Harmony Gold and see what they have available for you.  All candidates must ensure that the application is completed fully and all documentation attached.  Candidates can also have a look at the additional opportunities that Harmony Gold has to offer via their website.

Closing Date for the Harmony Gold Bursary

The closing date for Harmony Gold bursary applications is usually the end of May and they open the 1st of January yearly.

Candidates are urged to keep an eye on their web page for other opportunities as well as additional closing dates.  Some may only open in the middle of March and close the end of August.

Candidates interested in any of the fields mentioned above must also remember that successful applicants will be asked to enter into a work contract with Harmony Gold for a period as agreed upon.  The details stipulated in the contract will be discussed with qualifying candidates.

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    could you please send me bursary application forms for 2016-2017 once they are available. I have a hard working, dedicated 19 years old son who is currently studying Bsc Geology at the University of Limpopo. (first year of study)

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    I`m currently a registered student at the University of the Western Cape studying B.Sc Applied Geology ( 2nd year of study). I would humbly request application forms for 2016-2017 once they are accessible.

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    can you please send me bursary application form so that I can get a chance to apply thank you.


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