Bursaries for Electrical Engineering 2023- 2024

The engineering field of Electrical Engineering includes the study of electronics, electricity and also electromagnetism. Our daily lives are filled with electricity and electronics, thus, this is a vital study field.

Electrical Engineering as a study field offers many bursaries from a variety of companies within South Africa each year. Here are some companies to consider when looking for electrical engineering bursaries.

Bursaries for Electrical Engineering Available

Here are the most common study fields if considering a career in Electrical Engineering:

  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Energy Engineer
  • IT Consultant
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Broadcasting Engineer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Instrumentation / Control Engineer

You may also look at the following fields:

  • Technical Sales Engineer
  • Management Consultant
  • Multimedia Programmer

A degree in electrical engineering gets you ready to work in an extensive field of industries, these can include electronics, defense, engineering, utilities, power industries, transport, telecoms, aerospace and many more business sectors.

Applicants wanting to study in this field must meet the stipulations as set out by each company to apply for a bursary. Basic stipulations may include the following and more:

  • To apply you must have a valid ID document
  • You must be a South African citizen.
  • Must be creative, analytical thinkers and solve problems innovatively.
  • Must be able to work as part of a team.
  • Exceptional language skills for communication is ideal.

There are many possibilities in this field of study and the skills required for each may differ slightly as candidates find themselves working in a variety of fields. Some may require stronger business skills and others a more competent knowledge of circuitry. Whatever field you decide on make sure it is the right one for you.

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