NSFAS – All Your Questions Answered

The NSFAS provides bursaries to many students who can otherwise not afford higher education. NSFAS has changed a lot during the last few years, mainly for the good but sadly not always. The system is still slow and sometimes unclear to many students who are waiting patiently for their funds to arrive in their accounts or waiting till their application is successful. We will provide you the answers on most questions asked about NSFAS.

How to apply for NSFAS?

You want to apply for a bursary at the NSFAS, but you might not be certain of the process. We wrote a very detailed guide for applying to NSFAS

How to Appeal for NSFAS?

You applied for NSFAS but your application has failed? Continue reading if you want to know if you are eligible to appeal for NSFAS.

What is NSFAS and How does it work?

What exactly is NSFAS and how does it help students? Do you need to repay your nsfas loan when you finished your study?

How to Create a myNSFAS Account?

No, it is not difficult to create a myNSFAS account. But sometimes pictures make things a lot more clear and that is why we wrote this guide on how you can create an account with NSFAS.

How to Check myNSFAS Status?

You applied for NSFAS but your status is not changing for a long time. Is something wrong? Do you need to be patient? And what do all the different statuses mean?

How to Unlock your NSFAS Wallet?

People regularly forget their password or change their phone/email and that is the main cause that people need to unlock their NSFAS account. The new NSFAS Chat should make things more easy for many students. Read our guide on how to unlock your NSFAS wallet.

What is NSFAS Connect?

You have probably read about NSFAS connect. It was a way for students to connect with NSFAS and ask their questions. This system is now replaced by NSFAS Chat

What Colleges Does NSFAS Fund?

Did you know that NSFAS does not fund private TVET colleges? We made a list of colleges that are supported by NSFAS. Find out if your college is in the list.

How to Reset your myNSFAS Portal Password?

Follow our 6 steps and you will have a new password within 5 minutes.

How to Find your NSFAS Reference Number?

Did you loose your reference number? Are you panicking? No need for that, every account is retrievable as long as you provide NSFAS the correct information.