Department of Public Works Bursary 2020 -2021

This Government Department also aids in filling the skills shortages within South Africa, while providing opportunities to deserving candidates.  Their aim is to aid in developing talent that will help stabilize the workforce, they do this by supporting the objectives along with the strategies as is set out by the workplace skills plan.

The Department of Public Works offers internal, as well as external bursaries, thus enabling their staff and public candidates to apply.  With this endeavor, they aim to fill opening that arises within the Department, but also throughout all Departments of Government.

The Department of Public Works is committed to the growth of the country.  They acknowledge the need for skilled workers, thus, aim at creating and prioritizing to meet growing demands.  The Department of Public Works bursary program benefits in ensuring a continued growth, within the skilled labor force of South Africa.

Bursary awards will not be influenced by minor factors such as gender, race, political affiliation or religion as the application selection process is guided by the principle of equity.  Factors that will have an impact on the selection will be economical needs of candidates and academic abilities, nonetheless national origin will only be relevant where the objective is human skills development, for the Department of Finance.

Their bursary program will assist in raising quality skills, promote economic growth, employment along with aiding social development within South Africa.  Financial assistance is also offered to previously disadvantage candidates, wishing to educate themselves within the fields that are open at the Department.

The Department of Public Works bursaries will cover the following fees for candidates:

  • Registration
  • Accommodation at the University
  • Tuition
  • Prescribed Books or Learning Material
  • Meals at the University

Payments will be made to the selected University after statements are received.  Candidates will be required to sign an employment contract for the same term as that of the bursary.

Department of Public Works Bursaries Available

If you are planning to study into one of the following directions these bursaries are just what you need.  The bursaries available yearly will differ depending on the current openings within the Department.


If you are currently still in grade 12 or studying towards a degree or diploma, and would like to apply for a bursary, within the fields mentioned, or those that are in scarcity as determined by the department, you will need to meet the following requirements.  Candidates who are currently studying can only apply for the next academic year.  Candidates who have failed or are re-doing their year, will not be considered, however, candidates who re-does the failed year on their own cost, may apply after succeeding that year.

To qualify candidates must have the following:

  • Grade 12 level of education
  • Mathematics and Science
  • Must be proficient in English
  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Possess a valid South African ID
  • Designated applications from specific groups will be given preference

Selected candidates will be notified, and a training committee will arrange a meeting for successful candidates.  Candidates will be required to sign a bursary agreement form.  This needs to be done before payments will be made.  Please ensure the application is completed in full, signed by the candidate and all documentation is certified.

Department of Public Works Bursary Online Application

Bursary Online Application Forms

Please include your latest school results and certified copy of your ID.  You can apply for your bursary by downloading and completing this form.  Candidates are asked to complete the application in block letters, thus ensuring all fields can be read.

PLEASE NOTE: Any application that is not completed fully or missing documentation, will not be accepted.  Give brief answers to all questions, and mark with an X all certified documentation that is attached, as is indicated.

Department of Public Works Bursary Contact Details

Applications once complete can be send to:

  • The Director-General
  • Attention for: The Bursary Administrator
  • Private Bag X65
  • Pretoria
  • 0001

Documentation that needs to accompany your application are as follow:

  • ID document
  • Affidavit
  • Progress report
  • Admission letter
  • Motivation Letter
  • Academic records
  • Grade 12 Certificate

Please ensure that all these documents are certified copies.

Closing Date

Closing date for applications yearly is the end of October. Bursary fields of study may differ yearly, depending on the need of the Department at that time.  Due to limited openings and high amounts of applications, the Department will only be in contact with successful candidates.  Thus, if you do not hear from them within three months after closing date, please be advised that your application was unsuccessful.

CETA Bursaries Programme 2020 -2021

The Construction Education and Training Authority, known as CETA, promotes as well as facilitates the development of bright individuals by providing bursaries so they can acquire skills in the Construction sector.

CETA bursaries will cover the following for deserving candidates:

  • Tuition fee
  • Books prescribed for their field of study in addition to course material required up to an amount of R3500 per year

Accommodation needs will be considered only under specific conditions.  The bursary will not be automatically renewed for following year; it will depend on the progress of each candidate according to standards of satisfaction.  If a candidate should have to repeat a year of study, they will do so at their own cost and may apply to have their bursary reinstated the following year if progress is satisfactory.  Payment of bursary will be done to the institute of higher learning directly by the CETA Administrator.

Once a candidate has completed their studies successfully they will be required to work for a South African Construction company based in South Africa.  The term of employment will be equal to the term of their bursary.  Candidates will also be required to supply CETA with confirmation of that employment on a yearly basis.

If a candidate after completion of their study takes work with a company other than provided by CETA as an Adoptive Company, candidates will be required to pay back to CETA all costs of the bursary plus interest, as determined by CETA.

If after completion of studies CETA or any of their Adoptive Companies cannot provide the candidate with work in an 18 months period, candidates will be released of any further obligation towards the bursary.

CETA Bursaries Available

The following fields of study are available for students.

Candidates studying or going to study at a University for a Degree qualification can follow these fields:

  • BSc Civil Engineering
  • BSc Quantity Surveying
  • BSc Land Surveying
  • BSc Construction Management
  • BSc Construction Economics
  • BSc Construction Studies
  • BSc Architecture
  • BSc Geometrics
  • BSc Surveying
  • BSc Urban and Regional Planning

Candidates studying or going to study at the University of Technology for a National Diploma / BTech Degree can follow these fields:

  • National Diploma Civil Engineering
  • National Diploma Quantity Surveying
  • Diploma Land Surveying
  • National Diploma Building
  • National Diploma Architecture
  • National Diploma Town and Regional Planning
  • National Diploma: Real Estate
  • Bachelor of Technician: B. Tech for Architecture, Construction Management or Civil Engineering, BSC Town and Regional Planning Quantity Surveying

Subjects that are not allowed by CETA are as follow:

CETA Bursaries Requirements

To qualify for a bursary, candidates will be required to have and produce the following documentation:

  • Candidates must be a South African citizen with a valid ID book / card.
  • Candidates must be between the ages of 16 and 36 to qualify.
  • Candidates must obtain a 60% symbol for Science.
  • Candidates must obtain a 60% symbol for Mathematics.
  • Candidates must produce both Grade 11 as well as Grade 12 results for Matriculates.
  • Candidates who are already studying at a higher institute of learning must provide full academic history with their June & November results.

CETA Bursaries Selection

The selection of candidates for bursaries will depend on the following; applicants are also required to have the following before applying:

  • Candidates must prove their need for financial aid.
  • Applications are for the following year and candidates must be able to start studying if they are awarded the bursary.
  • Candidates must pass a standard aptitude test if the company requires them to do so.
  • Candidate must provide a medical declaration.
  • Candidate must provide proof of registration or acceptance at an institute of higher learning for Matriculates.

Once applications close the Department will look at all applications and candidates as well as all the relevant information provided.  Partially completed applications or application without required documentation will not be considered.  They will then make their selection for bursary candidates upon the information they received from each candidate.

CETA Bursary Application Form

Bursaries online applications cannot be done, but you can download an application form here once they become available. Please read their Bursary Policy guidelines as well.  Complete your form and send it with required documentation to the following address:

Ceta Bursary Contact Details:

P.O. Box 1955

Halfway House




Completed forms can also be faxed to 011 265 5924 / 5.

Email is also accepted, send to: or

Closing Date

Closing date for application entries are the end of August each year, thus, students wanting to apply must make sure that the application form and all relevant documentation reaches CETA before August.

There are a number of scarce as well as critical skills needed within the construction industry so candidates wanting to follow this line of work is urged to apply today.  CETA invests in the future of not only the youth of South Africa but also the future of the land.  They play a key role in the construction sector and aid citizens to see the value of the industry within the country.