Takealot Bursary 2022-2023 South Africa (Via StudyTrust)

Are you that Tech Savvy computer Nerd Takealot is looking for? The Takealot Bursary is for Savvy students who specialize in Computer Science/Engineering and Information Technology field. if you are in your final undergraduate year, or if you are going to do Honours or B tech next year, this bursary might be for you.

Takelot is a online shopping company and they strive to be to number 1customer centric shopping destination in Africa.They are good in selling, but their motto is “Customers come first”.

Takealot is contributing to the skills development of students and graduates in South Africa, and that is why they are offering this bursary to students who show academic potential.

Closing Date

This bursary opens in April and the closing date is 30 September 2020

Who Can Apply

  • Students in their final year of Undergraduate
  • Honours Degree
  • B Tech

You must be studying in the following directions:

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Information Technology

What Are The requirements?

Further requirements are:

  • You must be an SA citizen with a valid passport
  • You must fulfill the above-mentioned criteria
  • You show strong academic skills and potential for a successful career with Takealot
  • You have an average of at least 65% for your undergraduate degree
  • Show ambition, entrepreneurial skills, you are smart, fun and know how to work with a customer-centered company.
  • You don’t have a big ego, you are not too important to do small things. Instead, you are a Do’er and you love what you do.
  • You are able to work hard, work in teams and come up with creative solutions and are open for new ideas.

What Does The Bursary Cover?

If you are selected for the Takealot bursary, they will provide you in the following expenses:

  • Prescribed Books
  • Stationary
  • Tuition fees
  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Transport (max 4 trips a year)

They will expect from you to do vacation work during holidays. Once you are graduated, they will expect from you to go work at their company.

If you apply, expect an outcome before 21 December 2020. If you have not heard back before 15 January 2021, you should contact Studytrust

How To Apply?

All applications for this bursary go through Studytrust. This means that you will use their website and apply using their online system: leap.ly. You will need to create an account so you can login their system and apply for this bursary and other bursaries offered by Studytrust

If you don’t have access to Internet, there is also a possibility to apply using their application form. However, it is strongly advised to do everything online.

Please make sure to read all instructions provided by Studytrust. Don’t forget to add any important documents and make sure to write down every detail they ask for.

Apply on time! If you are too late or if your application is incomplete, they will disregard your application and prefer someone who did.

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