Accenture Scholarship South Africa

Accenture is one of the top consulting companies in the world and they are well known for their continued leadership in various fields like Digital consulting, Operations, and Technology. The Accenture Scholarship is not only a very good way to finance your studies but also a very good opportunity to get a chance on one of their Internships and Graduate programs after you finished your study.

Accenture has its own independent Education Trust and they help students with an economic disadvantage. You will need to be a high achiever and have good grades to get a chance to grab this Scholarship

For Who is The Accenture Scholarship?

The Accenture scholarship is intended for high achievers who are in their second, third or fourth year of their Honours study.

You need to be studying at one of the following Universities:

University of Cape TownUniversity of Johannesburg
University of PretoriaRhodes University
University Western CapeUniversity Witwatersrand

The following degree courses are supported for this scholarship:

Computer Science BScElectrical Engineering (Light Current) BEng or BSc Eng
Informatics/Information Systems Bcom or BScElectronic Engineering BEng or BSc (Eng)
Information Technology + Bit Bcom or BSC (Eng)Information BEng or BSc (Eng)
Computer Science BEng or BSc (Eng)Industrial BEng or BSc (Eng)

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How to Apply For This Scholarship?

Accenture Scholarship Application Form
Accenture Website

Use the application form to fill in all the information and then send it to the requested email.

What is the Closing Date For this Scholarship?

The closing date for the Accenture Scholarship is 15 August 2020

accenture Scholarship

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