Amazon Recruitment Bursary 2021

Did you ever consider working for the biggest e-commerce company in the world? In cooperation with Study trust, Amazon is offering Bursaries to South African Students through their Amazon Recruitment Bursary.

Amazon does not need an introduction, they know how the Internet works and they know how to sell products. Their CEO Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world and thats for good reason.

The Amazon Bursary had brought to life by the Amazon Development Center SA to help people who come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Successful applicants will get a chance to work for Amazon upon completion of their studies.

Who Can Apply?

The bursary is available for students who are currently studying in the following study fields, or for students who are planning to become a first-year student. So only for newly first years and second-year students

  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering

What Are The Requirements?

Of course the competition is fierce, being a student in one of the selected study fields won’t bring you this bursary. Let’s see what the further requirements are for the Amazon recruitment bursary:

  • You will need to be a SA citizen and have a SA passport
  • Like mentioned above: You are currently a first-year student or will become one next year
  • Your University of choice in South Africa is a recognized public University
  • You are seeing yourself as a future developer who is eager to learn at Amazon

For Current Grade 12 Students

You will need to have Mathematics and Physical Science scores above the 75% mark

For current First-Year students at University

You need an average of all scores above 70%

Further Obligations

Like many Bursaries, this bursary is “free” but not free. Once accepting the bursary, you commit yourself to working for amazon for the amount of years you have received the Bursary.

You will also be required to do vacation work and join training opportunities which are offered at Amazon South Africa

What Will the Bursary Cover?

If you want to work hard for Amazon and receive their Bursary, you also want to know whats in it for you besides getting a position after your study.

The following costs are covered by the Amazon Recruitment Bursary:

  • Your Tuition fees
  • Costs for Residence or private accomodation
  • Subsistence
  • Books and Stationary
  • a Personal Computer
  • Transport

How To Apply?

Amazon is offering this bursary through StudyTrust and all applications should go through them. The easiest way to apply is to go to their website and choose between Current Grade 12 Learners and Current Tertiary Students. The application process is different for both groups.

If you are currently a grade 12 learner, you can connect through Whatsapp to chat with them and receive further instructions.

If you are currently studying at University, you will need to apply through There you have to register for an account so you are able to apply for this bursary and also other bursaries StudyTrust offers.

Offline Application

If you are currently a Grade-12 learner or doing a Gap year, and don’t have access to Internet, there is also a way to apply offline.

You can download the Studytrust application form here and read further instructions.

Closing Date

This bursary opens around April and Closes 30 September 2020, so make sure you are on time applying.

Expect to receive a response just before Christmas around 21 December. If you still have not heard anything after 15 January, please contact StudyTrust.

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