Anglo American Bursary 2023- 2024 Anglo American Platinum

The Anglo American Platinum bursary offers more than financial aid to study. It also includes medical aid and a computer allowance. There is also a real chance they will offer you a job when you perform well in your study.

The Anglo American Platinum bursary program gives young students the opportunity to gain the needed qualifications to assist them in the mining industry. They offer stable and enriching opportunities to make our youth elevate above all their expectations and live a happy fulfilled life.

What Bursaries Are Available?

Anglo American Platinum has 7 types of bursaries available. They have the following bursaries:

  • Chemistry Bursaries (Our other chemistry bursaries)
  • Engineering Bursaries (see our other Engineering Bursaries)
  • Geology Bursaries
  • Metallurgy Bursaries
  • Mining Bursaries
  • Rock Engineering Bursaries
  • The Platinum Scholarship.

With the Platinum Scholarship, any field of study is supported while for the other bursaries only students in that study field can apply.

What Does The Anglo American Bursary Program Cover?

There are a variety of things covered by Anglo American if you get this bursary. 

  • They will pay your registration fees
  • They will pay for tuition fees
  • Accommodation and meals are included
  • They have a prescribed textbook allowance
  • Laptop
  • Monthly stipend

The coverage is very royal. In return they expect you to take permanent employment after you completed your study for at least the amount of years you received the bursary/scholarship.

What Are The Requirements To Apply For The Anglo American Bursary?

Each bursary program has its own requirements. They are clearly written in their job portal

Requirements for the Chemistry Bursary

  • You must be a South African Citizen
  • You must have completed your 3rd year of study in analytical or applied chemistry and have passed all modules
  • You must undergo a fitness test and pass their medical fitness examinations

Requirements for the Engineering Bursary

  • You must be a South African Citizen
  • You should have passed Grade 12 with a pass rate of at least 60% in English and both Physical science and Mathematics
  • You must undergo a fitness test and pass their medical fitness examinations

Requirements for the Geology Bursary

  • You must be a South African Citizen
  • Pass their medical examinations
  • You must have passed ALL modules and successfully completed your 3rd year in a Geology study.

Requirements for the Metallurgy Bursary

  • Be a SA citizen
  • Pass their fitness and medical examination test
  • Completed 3rd year of your study and have passed ALL modules in a Chemical Engineering or Metallurgy degree

Requirements for the Mining Bursary

  • SA Citizen and pass their Medical and fitness tests
  • Completed your 3rd year in a degree for mining engineering and have passed all modules. 
  • You should be progressing for your 4th year of study

Requirements for the Rock Engineering Bursary

  • Pass their medical tests and be a SA citizen.
  • Passed all modules for a Geology or mining engineering degree and completed your 3rd year.

Requirements for the Platinum Scholarship

  • You have to be Grade 12
  • Have to submit your Grade 11 results
  • Show proof that you are accepted at a tertiary institution
  • Passed all your registered subjects
  • Live within 50km of their operations (You will need a stamped document for this)

How To Apply For the Anglo American Platinum Bursaries?

You have to apply online and make sure you have all your documents collected. Here is how to apply for Anglo American Bursaries

  1. Go to the Anglo American career website —->> Anglo American Career website
  2. Do a search for “bursary” to see all bursaries listed
  3. Make sure to read the job advert carefully and make sure you fulfill all their requirements
  4. Apply online using their application system: Collect documents and fill in the forms
  5. Make sure to do this before they close the bursary

Bursary Closing Date

The closing date is 14 July

Make sure to apply before the closing date. If you are too late your application will not be considered.

Bursary Contact Details Anglo American

Make sure to check on the company website if this Bursary is still available. We try to keep every bursary updated but the most updated way is to check the website. You can contact them

by mail:

By Phone: Tel: 014 596 0190 / 014 596 0184

Anglo American Bursary

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  1. This programme is really so good it it a getaway opportunity to everyone because it gives S.A a chance to enrol and welcome to the big work. I really appreciate Anglos work.

  2. I am a hearing impaired person and the CEO of the NID-National Institute for the Deaf. Most of our Deaf persons have no jobs(about 92%) because of:
    1. we do not have grade nine
    2. most of the training at FET Colleges and Universities are not Deaf friendly/accesible
    3. Deaf persons can not get bursaries.

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