Exxaro Bursary (2020-2021)

The Exxaro bursary includes registration fees, tuition fees, computer fees, book fees, housing, and meal fees as well as extracurricular fees. The Exxaro bursary does not, however, provide for travel to the University from home or the other way round. This should, however, not prevent anyone from applying for a bursary as the other benefits are comprehensive.

Exxaro is a top 40 JSE constituent and a South Africa founded Mining group. They offer Matriculated South Africans the opportunity to obtain a degree or diploma in the mining industry.

They will ensure vacation work as prescribed by the Institution of Study for In-Training experience and also provide you with a brilliant career. They specialize in Coal, Base Metals, Ferro-alloys, Mineral Sands, and Iron. Exxaro has mining operations throughout the world with the Africa continent, Asia, and Australia is the largest countries of concern. The mining industry is bursting at the seams and many opportunities are arising daily. If you really want to study in this line but are unable to do so due to financial strain then these bursaries are ideal. If you have a constant drive and passion in this line of education you should apply.

Exxaro Bursaries Available

If you are planning to study in any one of the following directions these bursaries are just what you need.

  • Geology – Hons compulsory
  • Mining Engineering
  • Metallurgy
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Industrial
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mining Technician – B Tech
  • Mine Surveying – B Tech – MRM

Requirements for the Exxaro Bursary

If you are currently still in grade 12 but would like to apply you will be pre-evaluated with your grade 11 levels and you can also apply if you have just matriculated.

To study for a degree, you will need to have a

  • Grade 12 level of education with at least a level 6 in Mathematics and Science
  • Level 5 for English
  • Possess a South African ID

To study a diploma course, you will need at least a

  • Level 5 in all three those subjects
  • Possess a South African ID

More Exxaro Opportunities

You can apply for a BSc 4-year program if you are a historically underprivileged citizen of South Africa.
If you have passed your grade 12 or are in grade 11 at the moment you can be considered for this program. Exxaro will sponsor you for the first year and include the tuition, meal fees, housing fees, book fees and make contributions towards extra expenses. You can look for a development plan at the affiliated Exxaro Universities of Pretoria and after an effective accomplishment of the first year of the program, you will be eligible for the full bursary.

You will require the following:

  • Level 4 Mathematics & Science
  • Level 4 English
  • Validation by the University

As part of this specific bursary, Exxaro will sponsor four teams (2 members in each team) full entry to the Absa Cape Epic race. This also includes free entry, pre-training support and training camps with some of the Absa Cape Epic race experts. This is a bicycle race and the idea is to help talented riders progress in finishing the race. Both competitors must be part of the Exxaro BCS 4 year program and be 26 or younger before the 31 December of the year they are participating.

If you are not sure about Exxaro, see our full list of Bursaries.

Exxaro Bursaries Application

Please include your latest school results and a certified copy of your ID. You can find more information on the Exxaro Bursary Site, download the application apply form, complete it and hand it in at the closest representative to you. You will find details to the representatives on the second page of the application.

Selected candidates will be contacted to complete a psychometric test and an NBT (National Benchmark Test. From here selected candidates will be asked to partake in an interview. Once this is completed the committee will select the candidates that will receive bursaries and these candidates will be notified in 3 weeks after the interview process. Candidates will then also have to complete a medical examination before receiving their bursary offer letter.

Exxaro Bursaries Closing Date

This bursary program usually opens every year with the start of February and closes for applications 29th March.

The bursaries available for students interested in these directions are very comprehensive and Exxaro still has the right to limit which fields will be available each year as is needed. Therefore, a limited amount of Exxaro bursaries will be accessible and due to the high demand, you will need to submit your forms at the soonest possible time. Also indicate why you should be eligible for a bursary and what your interests are in the mining, science, and engineering field.

They assist underprivileged students and students with little financial assistance to grow. Exxaro expects the approved candidates to sign an offer of employment before studies commence for a period of time suitable to repay the bursary costs.

Exxaro Bursary South Africa

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  1. I was hoping to apply for mining bursary which will help me in 2015 at my first year level in university of Johannesburg

  2. It really gives me a piece of mind having to see that exxaro can offer me a bursary which will also pay for my registration fee in 2015. I will be studying mining engineering at uj. Looking forward to being sponsored,you guys rock!

  3. I would really like to apply for a bursary im currently studying Mechanical engineering in Gauteng City College,it is my first year and I was doing my matric last year.

  4. Passionate about industries especially engineering. I have a vast potential which needs cultivation and development in a the field in order for me to make satisfactory contribution to the mining and engineering industry. I successfully completed a trade training programe that started in 2011 in high school till 2014 at a training centre in a mining and mineral core company. Yet sadly to date I am without employment. The good news is that I have a bachelors admission for university and the companies loss to invest can be beneficial to exxaro. Looking forward to the U P program.

  5. I am studying at Durban University of Technology,I am doing National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. I am kindly asking that this company fund my studies.

  6. I would like to apply for a bursary in order to go further with my studies at university as I’m coming from a disadvantaged family, I’m currently doing my first year at university of venda

  7. Can I apply for the exarro bursary if I have ,5 in English,6 mathematics and 5 in physical sciences instead of 6
    But the university of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg has approved my BSc in engineering application for next year.

  8. I would like to apply for a bursary. Im currently busy with my in-service training (P2) for Surveying. I want to apply for Mining Engineering in University of Johannesburg to start 2018. Looking forward to being sponsored.

  9. i would really like apply for a bursary , i’m currently studying electrical enginnering in university of Johannesburg .I will be using this bursary in 2018

  10. I would so greatful for the oppotunitty of study without being worried about the costs of university

  11. I’m doing my final year in mining engineering at the uni of Johannesburg. I’m kindly asking for inservice training please so that i complete this diploma and graduate. I will greatly appreciate your help

  12. I would like to apply for this bursary to get a degree as I am a qualified mechanical fitter from this company and i completed N6 Mechanical engineering in Lephalale Fet college. I am currently waiting for my Diploma certificate

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