SPEBS Bursary 2023-2024 | SAICE Patrons Civil Engineering Bursary Scheme

The SPEBS Bursary is a bursary for Civil Engineering and it is offered by SAICE. They support students studying towards a Degree or National Diploma in Civil Engineering.

SPEBS stands for SAICE Patrons Engineering Scheme and SAICE is the South African Institute of Civil Engineering. SPEBS has brought to life to provide financial assistance to students who want to study Civil Engineering.

SAICE is an organisation mainly made up of volunteers who are professionals in Civil Engineering. They provide Technical Leadership to its 9 specialists divisions: Railways and Harbour, Transportation, Geotechnical, Water, Urban and Rural, Structural, Information technology, Environmental and Construction

Who Can Apply For The SPEBS Bursary?

The SAICE SPEBS bursary is intended for Civil Engineering students studying to a Degree or a National Diploma. For each there are further requirements.

National Diploma

You will only be considered if you have already passed your first level for your National Diploma (S1). You can apply if you are studying towards S2, S3 and S4. Allocation will be on Merit and financial need base.

Degree Students

If you are studying in the direction of your second, third or fourth year of University for civil engineering, you can apply for this bursary. You will only be considered if yuo have passed your first semester exams. Allocation will be on Merit and financial need base.

Both students for Degree and National Diploma will only be considered for this bursary if they have completed ALL subjects from their previous levels of study.

Please note SAICE will not consider students from other countries.

What Will The SPEBS Bursary Cover?

This funds for this bursary are limited, they provide the grants per semester. The bursaries are on a Merit base, meaning if you are able to excel and show great Academical results, they will likely extend your bursary till you finished your course. But if your grades will move down, there is a chance they will stop the bursary and grant it to someone else the next semester.

The bursary will partly cover tuition and registration fees and in most cases the value of the bursary will be R 6500 per semester

How To Apply For this Bursary?

If you go to the SAICE website, you can download the SPEBS Bursary application form or read more about the bursary first.

Please read the document carefully and make sure you follow all requirements. When you completed the document, make sure to include important documents like:

  • Certified copy of your ID
  • Full Academical tertiary results
  • Proof you are registered at a Tertiary Institution

You can send your application by:

1) Email: spebs@saice.org.za

2) Fax: 011 805 5971

3) By Post:

SAICE Career Guidance
Private Bag X200
Halfway House

Closing Date of the SAICE SPEBS Bursary

Closing Date for First Semester: 31 January

Closing Date for Second Semester: 31 July

SPEBS Bursary SAICE Civil Engineering