HAW & INGLIS Bursary for Civil Engineering 2023- 2024

This Western Cape-based company has been trading and leaving its mark on South Africa since 1984. Not only does this company work on specialized projects within South Africa, but also in the neighboring states. It is involved in projects ranging from Infrastructure, Road Construction, Building Construction, Commercial Construction, Residential Construction and also Road Rehabilitation, to name but a few.

If this industry interests you and you meet all the requirements as stipulated, then you may apply for the Civil Engineering Haw & Inglis Bursary program.

HAW & INGLIS Civil Engineering Bursaries Available

This company has an absolutely unique way of assisting candidates to complete their studies and enter a field where they truly have an interest. Their fields made available to successful candidates are all related to Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Building. They grant talented individuals the opportunity to complete their studies at a CETA Learning Institute, University, or the University of Technology. These are determined by the future needs of the company and the passion of each individual.

Once applications are made, the selection process starts. Successful candidates will be invited to firstly work for the company within their field of interest for a one-year period. This term will commence upon completion of the selected candidate’s Matric/Grade 12 year. The company offers this period to the candidate so that they can explore the field and ensure it is what they want before commencing studies. This period also gives the company the opportunity to assess each candidate.

Once this year’s assessment period is completed, successful candidates will receive a bursary to complete their studies. Upon completion of their studies, candidates will receive further mentorship, training, and skills-building with supervision and leadership from professionals within each field.

Candidates must hold a great interest within the Building and Civil Engineering fields, these may include the following:

  • Civil Construction – Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Building Construction
  • Building Science
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Sanitation – Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Drainage Inspection
  • Architectural Technology
  • Industrial Designing
  • Town Regional Planning
  • Road Construction – Engineering
  • Building Surveying

HAW & INGLIS Civil Engineering Bursary Requirements

There are some basic requirements that each individual who wishes to apply will have to meet before making their application.

The minimum requirements are as follow:

  • Candidates must hold a valid ID document
  • Candidates must be in their Grade 12 year with a minimum of 60% for both Physical Science and Pure Mathematics
  • Candidates must not have failed any of their subjects the previous term
  • Candidates who are currently studying within one of the fields made available with a 100% pass for all subjects or modules
  • Candidates must enjoy the outdoors and nature
  • Candidates must be willing to travel or relocate if required
  • Candidates must be willing to work in remote areas for unnamed durations
  • Candidates must be willing to work within rural areas
  • Candidates must be able to adapt to their surroundings
  • Candidates must have exceptional communication skills
  • Candidates must show a strong leadership quality
  • Candidates must be able to take action and show initiative
  • Candidates must have great organizational skills

HAW & INGLIS Civil Engineering Bursary Application

HAW & INGLIS Civil engineering bursaries application online is available for download from their website:

apply for this bursary

Candidates are asked to ensure that they include their most recent academic results, along with a complete and up-to-date curriculum vitae, as well as all other requested documentation.

Individuals who are applying are reminded to please read the application thoroughly. Please ensure all fields are filled in correctly and all writing is readable. It is suggested that candidates use capital block letters. The individual who is making the application must complete the form and also sign the form before submitting it. Ensure all documentation is attached and certified.

For more information or to download the application candidates can have a look at this page on their website.

HAW & INGLIS Civil Engineering Bursaries: Closing Date

Candidates wishing to apply for a bursary from HAW & INGLIS must ensure that their applications are submitted before September yearly. Please ensure all relevant documentation is certified and accompany your application. Good luck to all the engineering students, may all your life’s goals be achieved.

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