Kantey & Templer Bursaries 2023- 2024

More than forty percent of the Kantey & Templer workforce are made up from previously disadvantaged candidates. Thus, their support of the communities is of exceptional standard. The Kantey & Templer Bursary  bursary program awards candidates on merit. Each application is considered, the motivation and dedication of each candidate measured along with the cost of each study field. Their bursary program does not usually include accommodation fees, but do cover academic fees and includes an allowance for study material such as books.

Would you like to join a company that caters for their client’s needs in all forms, ranging from technical advice to the completed design, or construction packages that suit all needs?

Kantey & Templer delivers quality services since 1953. They value their staff, clients, and projects, building relationships on mutual respects serving all areas of South Africa. They bring to the relevant trades and markets, expertise and quality engineering. They focus on hands-on management of all projects, ensuring delivery and the highest quality.

Kantey & Templer Bursaries Available

Bursaries provided by Kantey & Templer are usually for a Technical Diploma or BSc Degree. These bursaries provided by the company is to provide financial aid to gifted candidates within the fields of Engineering.

Fields of study are as follow:

Kantey & Templer Bursary Requirements

This company just like many other companies has a set of stipulations that each candidate must adhere to. These may differ slightly, depending on the field of study, yet, there are some basic regulations each candidate must hold.

Basic requirements are as follow:

  • Applicants must hold a valid ID document
  • Applicants must excel academically
  • Applicants must have proof of the need for financial aid

Candidates from a previously disadvantaged background will receive preference. Candidates that are currently studying within one of the above fields and are completing their first year, or have just completed their first year, who is them more able to show their dedication and devotion within these fields are preferred. However, the company invites candidates who are completing their Grade 12 / Matric year to also apply.

Candidates who receive a bursary from the company will be expected to sign a work agreement, for the same period of time as that of the bursary. This period will commence upon completion of the candidate’s studies. Bursary candidates may also be obligated to work for the company during study breaks. This will be during their mid and year-end vacations. Work for these periods will be at the offices of the company closest to their home.

Kantey & Templer Bursary Online Application Form

Kantey & Templer bursaries applications online can be found on their website:

apply for this bursary
The application must be submitted including all the relevant documentation. Applications missing documentation will not be looked at. Applications that are incomplete or late will not be considered.

The application form can be downloaded from the company’s website here:

Download Application Form
Applicants will also find additional information there. The application is at the bottom of the page under the heading ‘Downloads’. Candidates will see there is two files downloadable and each is in ‘Doc.’ Or ‘Pdf.’ Format. The first two is more information regarding their bursary plans and the bottom two is the application form.

Candidates who cannot download the forms may send a request for the application to be e-mailed to them, using this e-mail address: info@ct.kanteys.co.za. Alternatively, candidates can also call their Cape Town offices at 021 – 405 9600.

Kantey & Templer Bursaries: Closing Date

The closing date for bursaries provided by this company will be the end of September each year. These applications will be for candidates wishing to study the following year. Bursary awarding will only take place once the company has received the final academic year results from applicants.

Approach your future with an excellent education behind you, make the right choices and become all you want to be.

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