Teaching Bursaries And Bursaries For Teaching and Education 2023- 2024

There are a number of teaching bursaries on offer each year to talented students who would love to teach the youth in South Africa.  These bursaries for teaching and education are offered to students needing financial aid to gain great qualifications and become a teacher in specialized subjects.

How do I get a bursary in South Africa?

You want to study and you probably have some questions about how you can get a bursary.

The Application Process

  1. Are you approved by your school or University? Is your certificate and or diploma good enough to join that University?
  2. Did you check the requirements of the Bursary? Every bursary has different requirements so make sure you are eligible to apply
  3. Do you have all the information needed to apply? Think about copies of birth certificates, national diplomas. Make sure everything is complete
  4. Did you write an approval letter and have it checked by friends or family?
  5. Send all the information to the Bursary provider. Make sure if this can be done online or if you have to send it by mail or bring it to them

How Much is a Teaching Bursary?

The big question is how much money will you get from a teaching Bursary? Don’t expect too much out of it. You can’t live from this bursary if you have to support a small family.

The stipend is enough for a student to cover their small student needs while being part of the program. The stipend can be different depending on the company but they don’t differ much.

Teaching & Education Bursaries 2021 -2022

Are there any Bursaries for Teaching?

There are a couple of institutes offering bursaries for teaching and education so if you are interested, have a look at the following companies found here.

Bursaries for Teachers (To Further Studies after you are a Teacher)

Here are listed the most popular Study fields for teaching bursaries

  • Foundation Phase for Grade R to Grade 3
  • One of the Native African Languages

Intermediate Phase for Grade 4 to Grade 6

  • Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Science

Senior Phase for Grade 7 to Grade 9

  • Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Science

FET Phase for Grade 10 to 12

How Do You Qualify for a Teaching Bursary?

Students who would like to pursue teaching as a career will require the following basic requirements before applying.

  • Candidates have to be a South African citizen with a valid ID Book / ID Card.
  • Candidates have to be able to prove their need for financial aid.
  • Candidates must show their commitment to teaching and a love for working with children.
  • Candidates must have outstanding academic records with proof of acceptance at a higher learning institute.
  • Candidates from a previously disadvantaged background will be given preference.

Most of these companies also offer students a career upon successful completion of their studies and all information is included within the bursary.

Teaching is a lifetime commitment, thus, you should only apply if you are really interested in working with the youth.  You will also be faced with plenty of challenges, difficult situations, and even times that your integrity will be tested.  Are you ready?

Then take that step forward and make a change!  Provide South Africa’s youth with quality education and a great future.  Do you have a deep burning passion for learning and would love to pass that on to the youth?  You could be changing the lives of many spectacular people and help them to reach their goals.  Giving South African citizens that are proud of an opportunity at a better life.

Were you looking for something else? We have bursaries listed for every Bachelor, don’t forget to take a look.

Teaching and Education Bursaries in South Africa is all you need to become a teacher
SA Needs Teachers, become a teacher with one of the teacher bursaries listed here.

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  2. To do a career in teachig its like creating an opportunity,as it is an opportunity itself to discorver different personalitys to create a better future to different kinds of families nd it is a blessing to the one who changes other peoples lifes

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